Cage Size Petition Gets Over 10k Signatures

You may remember back in 2023, Alex also known as furbabyfamilyOG on tiktok launched a petition to get the government to ban the sale of cages that are too small for animals. You can see the original blog that we did with Alex when he first started his mission here.


Unfortunately, the petition only got to 6,595 signatures but this did not stop Alex! He has decided to dust himself off and try again. This time it has paid off and a lot of of the small rodent community got involved from small hamsters to guinea pigs! Thanks to everyone’s help it has paid off with a whopping 10,000+ signatures! So, what does this mean? It means the UK Government has to respond!


During 2023 – Blue Cross, PDSA and Woodgreen all introduced a minimum 100cm x 50 minimum cage size for ALL species of hamsters.


We still have a long way to go but with the help from the UK public we could get it to Parliament!


It is a good teachable moment in Alex’s story! To always try again!


Thank you Alex for not giving up and thank you for everyone that shares and signs!


We still have a way to go so please sign and share this is for all small animals!


Just checked & we are 13 signatures away. Dont mind the fit, im decorating! #smallanimals #goals #celebration

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Government petition to ban small cages has over 10,000 signatures