Scented Bedding Dangers

A Special Message from Tiffany Key


Scented bedding can cause Respiratory problems!


I want to share my experience it’s a sad one.


So I got the wrong bag of bedding and asked a group on Facebook. People told me not to use it and one person said it would be okay for a day. Barry’s cage needed cleaning and I had another bag of bedding coming the next day. I wish I didn’t because the next day Barry was very cold. I did everything the vet told me to and listen to groups . I had him on my chest and layed in bed with him trying to warm up. He sadly died, the bedding was the only thing that changed. I personally feel like it was the bedding and I brake my heart when I think about it. Barry is the reason I’ve done so much research about hamsters.


Love you Barry


This poster is for you!


It’s Like being Stuck in a Lift with Someone Constantly Spraying Perfume




How to Reduce Smell?

  • Spot Cleans (Remove soiled bedding and old food)
  • Bigger enclosure and more bedding
  • Sand Bath (Your hamster will remove their own odour)
  • Have an absorbent type of bedding like Carefresh


Carefresh is non-scented and good for odor control



Small Pet Select Remove Scented Bedding for Hamsters


We contacted Small Pet Select to make them aware that their hamster care guide says “Your hamster’s bedding should be made of a safe material, not be dusty, and not smell. Any scented bedding could bother your hamster’s sensitive nose, no matter what the packaging may say.” At the same time as providing this advice they have been selling their own brand of scented bedding marketed towards hamsters! Small Pet Select realised the errors of their ways and they have taken the decision to stop marketing their lavender bedding towards hamsters and they have added the disclaimer “We do not recommend this product for hamsters”.


Small Pet Select Continue to Sell Lavender Bedding for Rabbits!


Rather than completely removing the product Small Pet Select still continue to sell their Lavender Unbleached Paper Bedding marketed towards rabbits and other small animals. We pointed out that they also provide advice against the use of scented bedding for rabbits which says “Rabbits have a great sense of smell, so avoid any bedding that has been laundered with scented detergent and may smell foreign to them. Use only unscented litters”. To our amazement, rather than following their own advice and discontinue their scented bedding for rabbits, Small Pet Select deleted their welfare advice, more information about this can be seen in our article about small pet select.



Spot Cleaning Tips to Reduce Smell