Scented Bedding Dangers

A Special Message from Tiffany Key


Scented bedding can cause Respiratory problems!


I want to share my experience it’s a sad one.


So I got the wrong bag of bedding and asked a group on Facebook. People told me not to use it and one person said it would be okay for a day. Barry’s cage needed cleaning and I had another bag of bedding coming the next day. I wish I didn’t because the next day Barry was very cold. I did everything the vet told me to and listen to groups . I had him on my chest and layed in bed with him trying to warm up. He sadly died, the bedding was the only thing that changed. I personally feel like it was the bedding and I brake my heart when I think about it. Barry is the reason I’ve done so much research about hamsters.


Love you Barry


This poster is for you!


It’s Like being Stuck in a Lift with Someone Constantly Spraying Perfume




How to Reduce Smell?

  • Spot Cleans (Remove soiled bedding and old food)
  • Bigger enclosure and more bedding
  • Sand Bath (Your hamster will remove their own odour)
  • Have an absorbent type of bedding like Carefresh


Carefresh is non-scented and good for odor control



Spot Cleaning Tips to Reduce Smell