Food Items that the Community Say are Suitable


Many people don’t know but Hamsters are omnivores meaning they eat meat such as insects as well as grains and seeds in the wild. Just because the shops only sell a grain mix this isn’t the complete nutrition your hamster needs and your hammy will have a more fulfilled life when it tries some of the tasty snacks in the poster below.


TOP TIP: When Poppy (the hamster in the evidence who ingested fluffy bedding) was seriously ill she stopped eating and chose not to eat her food for days. We offered her some Baby Food – Fruit Puree and she loved giving it a lick and it probably gave her some much needed energy when she was so weak.



List of Suitable hamster food


Peer reviewed research reports and a very detailed explanation of the suitability of different food items can be found at The Ontario Hamster Club Website. This is an Excellent resource and we encourage you to refer to it