Edible Toys

Edible hamster toys made from sawdust and honey make your hamster think it’s food and if eaten it can make them ill and could cause death. Also known as Hamster Chews and Hamster Chew Toys these inventions are really not a good idea.


Compacted sawdust chews are NOT edible or safe and should be avoided. Consumption of these products can cause a blockage in the stomach, resulting in the loss of your hamster. Also if your hamster does eat them it will be too late, a hamster can not throw up and vomit like a human can.


It is safe to stick to natural wooden chews as they will not be fooled into ingesting them and will just chew it.


Edible Toys Make Hamsters sick



“Constructed of compacted sawdust, mixed with honey, these encourage hamsters to ingest / eat the wood rather than just chew it. They are unsafe for consumption.”


This Change.org Petition started on 30th March 2021 https://www.change.org/p/pets-at-home-ban-the-sale-of-pets-at-home-chew-toys-that-are-unsafe