If you wish to get in touch please fill out the contact form or email: info@hamsterwelfare.com

    Can I submit an article?

    Yes, we wish to offer everyone the opportunity to write for the site. This may be helpful advice, your own experience or evidence that you have. It can also include a poster you have made or an original image. Your post must have at least 300 words and this will help ensure that your page gets a good listing in search engines. You will be shown to be the author and any post published on this website reflects your opinion not the opinion of the website. Links can be included but they must be hamster related or to your own social media profiles. For various reasons we may have to suggest edits to your work or may not be able to publish your work due to the nature of the content, if that's the case we will let you know our reasoning. Once a post is approved it will wait in our publishing que and we will provide you with the date that it is set to go live. We will of course appreciate you sharing your published post on social media.

    Can I submit a Youtube Video?

    Yes, we can publish a Youtube video that you have made that will be shown and played directly on the page. The video will published on your own page and you will be shown to be the author. Along with submitting the Youtube link to your video we will also need you to provide an additional 300 words of text that will help get the page listed in google. The video must be hamster related and the text can simply be a written description of what the video is generally about. You can include hamster related links and links to your social media profiles. For various reasons we may not be able to publish your video and if this is the case we will let you know why. Therefore, before you take the time to write the additional text please provide the Youtube link to your video first for us to approve.

    Where does your advice come from?

    We have based our advice on the best sources of evidence that exist. Also, we have taken on board the opinions of the community, as can often be seen in hamster related facebook groups.

    Can I suggest changes to your advice?

    Yes, we will consider any suggestions carefully and get back to you. It is important that we reflect the wider opinion of the community along with the evidence that exists.

    What countries does your advice apply to?

    We are based in the UK but we refer to evidence and advice from all over the world. Being a .com our advice and evidence is to be used for hamsters worldwide.

    Do you have a Facebook group?

    No, we do not have our own facebook group. We are a website for all facebook groups to refer to. Tiffany has been an admin on three Facebook groups prior to setting up hamsterwelfare.com and she will continue to provide her help with those groups. At some point in the future we may set up an Instagram page.