Hamster Adoption and Rescue Centres

Hamster  Rescues are big or small organisations that will take on hamsters that are in a neglectful situation, abandoned, given up to, and seen offered for sale on websites in poor care.


Here’s what a Hamster Rescue will do:

  • Most rescues will help the hamster by vet checking, taking care and taming them.
  • They will be looking at your care knowledge and guiding you on the best care.
  • They will be looking at what cage, wheel etc. that you have got for your soon to be hamster.
  • They will give you information and will check up to see how everything is.
  • They will also get you to sign paperwork to say that you will care for the hamster properly and that the hamster is yours.
  • Some pet stores have rescues attached to them, these rescues are normally for hamsters that get returned or have not been sold or have any other problems, any hamster brought from the adoption section the money will go to the rescue and not the pet store. Most rescues have a small rescue fee, this fee will go to the rescue to cover costs such as vet bills, food, bedding etc.


List of Some Hamster Rescues


Happy Hamsters UK – UK Durham and York


Tiny Paws MCR – UK Manchester


Manchester Hamster Rescue – UK Manchester


Hamster Haven UK –  UK Cheshire and North Wales


Bacchus Residents – UK Cheshire




Blue Cross – UK


Wee Critters Small Animal Rescue –  UK North Kessock, Inverness, Highlands Scotland


Tiny Tales Derby – UK Derby


Happy Paws Rodent Rescue – UK Stroud, Gloucestershire


Munchie’s Place for Homeless Pets – USA Maple Valley, Washington


Strong Brew Hamstery – Canada, Mississauga


We would love to hear about more rescues, if there are any rescues you would like us to mention please get in touch.