Historical Campaign

Dani Grego we salute you! Back in 2013 you successfully campaigned to get fluffy bedding removed from Pets at Home and Pets Corner and they removed a brand of fluffy bedding called Rotastak Snug ‘n’ Cozy (Sadly though, a short period of time passed and Pets at Home have since replaced this with a brand of fluffy bedding called Soft ‘n’ Safe!) The website you set up Hamsteradvice.com is no longer live but for the record we are providing a historical record of your campaign.


The Historical version of hamsteradvice.com can accessed via this link: web.archive.org – hamsteradvice.com




Some key information from the website Dani set up can be seen below:


The Below Text was Written back in 2014:


My name is Dani and I’m an animal activist for small mammals from Milton Keynes, UK. As well as the artist at Quirky Cabbage and YouTube Gamer. This is a page to inform you of what exactly it is that I do, who I support and who I am.


Works in Progress


  • I am the lead campaigner for the ‘Ban Fluffy Bedding’ campaign. I inform people of the dangers, provide alternatives and research the materials specifically.
  • I formed the government petition against fluffy bedding.
  • I monitor the survey on the home page to gain an idea of statistics and correlations between fluffy bedding and different ages.
  • I visit pet shops and personally review them (Like a mystery customer), to try and help them improve their standards. Read the findings from one of my visits here, and another here.
  • I have created a basic Syrian hamster tips guideline which you can read here.
  • I admin five hamster groups on Facebook, in which I like to gently inform people of the recommended guidelines and offer the best possible advice on topics I feel I am knowledgeable.
  • I regularly donate to charity, and actively support the Wildlife Aid Foundation, the BUAV, the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, the Badger Trust and Save Me. I was previously a member of the PETA action team.
  • I support the Green Party, and the Animal Welfare Party.
  • I created the ‘Ham Army’, a group of those that enforce the cage and wheel size guideline, support the campaign, and work together when contacting businesses and manufacturers of substandard products.
  • I spend a lot of my spare time reading up on the best hamster care, different opinions, books, internet articles, forums and charity care sheets. From all these together I have formed what I believe to be the best basic guidelines.




  • The Ban Fluffy Bedding campaign has made it in to issue 6 of Life With Pets magazine, with my two page feature article on the dangers of fluffy bedding.
  • The article has resulted in astonishing feedback, with a lot of people saying they want to help with the campaign, and others saying they didn’t realise how harmful it can be and have stopped using it.
  • The campaign has resulted in the removal of the Rotastak brand from Pets at Home, and all bedding from Pets Corner.
  • I reviewed the interview process of P@H, which you can view here. It now has over 5000 reads.
  • My BFB campaign may well have saved the lives of many innocent animals.
  • We have over 1000 likes on the Ban Fluffy Bedding facebook page, awareness is the most crucial part of any campaign.



Thank you Dani for everything you have done for the welfare of hamsters. HamsterWelfare.com would also like to thank you for your work which has been used in other parts of this website – The A-Z of Hamster Care, The List of Dangers of Fluffy Bedding and your Photo’s of advice provided in books.