Impressive Turnout for Hamster Fair 2023

UK rescue network Happy Hamsters organised the 2023 Hamster Fair, held at Millennium Point Birmingham with a huge attendance of over 500 people. The impressive venue held a lot of hamster related stalls, games and talks that took place in a huge auditorium with a large cinema screen that featured a live chat with Victoria Raechel.


There were a lot of amazing hamster owner friendly stalls and variety for everyone with merchandise such as cups, pictures, stickers etc. One ingenious activity was a wheel spin game from Pocket Sized Paws for when you spent over £15 to win a free gift!


The organisers arranged some fun games to raise money for their rescues, such as hook a hamster, guess the name, raffle and more with lots of prizes including Victoria Raechel merchandise. They also put on a swap shop to swap some of your old hamster products for other products.


The Talks 


Kate and Sophie from Happy Hamsters UK started off the talks and discussed their rescue. Then the much anticipated live chat with Victoria Rachel came on to the big screen with an adoring gasp from the crowd. Many audience questions were answered and the talk can be seen in the below video. Finally, there was a debate with the panel including Sophie (Happy Hamsters), Tiffany (Hamster Welfare) , Polly (Bright Horizons rescue) and Clare (nico_syrian_hamster). There were questions asked and we all gave our take on things.



Video from Fern the Syrian Hamster


The day was amazing for everyone, young and old, It was nice to meet up with other hamster lovers and meet a few TikTok and Instagram friends. It is definitely worth going to! Next years venue has already been announced and it will be held in Leicester on Saturday 20th July 2024.


Some Visitor’s comments:

An absolutely amazing experience featuring so many incredible small businesses and fabulous talks!

From – Fern the Syrian Hamster


Great collection of vendors, something for everyone and every pocket.

From – The Wheeky Blinders


The vendors and attendants were all so lovely to chat to!

From – The Petz Place


Here’s a list of some of the suppliers that attended:


Carter’s Critters Paws Suppliers


Shire Paws


Squeak Box


Earthly Kindness


Tiny Furry Pet Shop


DJ’s Pet Supplies


Tic Tac Wheels




Beebo’s by Shelby


Official Hammy Store


Happy Henry’s Homes


Furry Natural


Tom’s Pet Creations


Pocket Sized Paws




Hopes Healthy Treats




Little Treasures Shop


Little Gem’s Bakery


Hamsters We Love


Hey Sew Sisters


Pride Rock blooms


Paws Suppliers