Introducing – The Hamster Forum

The Hamster Forum Screenshot of the website was set up in 2022 with encouragement from a few enthusiastic and passionate hamster owners to promote good, up to date, hamster care. The forum has a very visual home page with basic care articles and it’s a great place to chat for advice, concerns, and the usual hamster related fun and games and competitions, plus resources to find hamster rescues, vets and breeders.



A Message From The Hamster Forum Admin


We have experienced and enthusiastic hamster owners and the forum and site has been a labour of love. We are all passionate about these wonderful little creatures and their well being. Hamsters have such varying personalities and can be real communicators (if you watch and listen!). They can also form a strong bond with an owner. They are intelligent animals, with feelings and fears, who respond to how they are treated, just like any other pet.


Members often join when they have an issue, a hamster is having unusual behaviours, or to ask for advice. We also have a section to show your cage set ups, to give ideas and inspiration for setting up cages and how to do this on a budget if necessary. We have a resources section for authoritative resources and research. Along with articles and threads on our own experiences of caring for and understanding hamster behaviours, and what works.



Why Did You Set Up this New Hamster Forum?


A few of us felt there was a need for a new forum site, after another older forum closed down, and to try and encourage new owners into good, up to date care practices and making good choices when first getting a hamster. Also to encourage new members to upgrade if necessary, or return any unsuitable cage they have been sold. The forum recommended cage size is 100cm x 50cm or larger, for all species of hamster, a size which we feel is widely agreed with, along with plenty of enrichment, to allow normal behaviours and prevent stress. Our minimum recommended size is approximately 80cm x 50cm, but we feel this is an absolute minimum and most hamsters will do much better with more space.



What Type of Hamster Advice do You Have?


We share taming tips, and tips on keeping hamsters happy healthy once you have created an ideal environment for them.


We are there for advice and support when a hamster is elderly or failing – how to keep them comfortable, and how to adjust their cage to their needs when older. However we don’t give medical advice and a vet should always be consulted for any medical condition or emergency. Sometimes, though, if you’re not sure if it’s a medical condition, seeking opinions from experienced owners can help you to decide what to do next. For example it’s surprising how many people don’t know that hamsters have scent glands! And think there is something wrong. Or what species a hamster is and what diet is appropriate for that species.


We have reviews on various suitable cages and wheels to help with choices and keep up to date with any new cages or hamster products that appear. Also, which products are dangerous or should be avoided. We also have a DIY section and some innovative members!


Based in the UK The Hamster Forum is international, for hamster owners all over the world. We’re a friendly bunch and the ethos is to create a friendly place to find out about hamsters and their care, and share tips and our pleasure of owning hamsters, plus support. We don’t accept any hostility and members are respectful of other members. We prefer to encourage people into good practices and if a healthy debate is needed then that’s what we are here for.


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