Pets at Home Announce a Rebrand and The Hamster Community Protest



Post Commenting on the Pets at Home re-branding announcementPets at Home launched a rebrand and the public took the opportunity to express their concerns and grievances about the company. The Instagram post announcing the rebrand was launched early evening on 18th April 2023, it seems that a hamster rescue called Treasured Paws Hamster Rescue was the first who spotted this and said “Pets at home have launched a rebrand… lets all head to the comments to congratulate them”.


An hour later Treasured Paws Hamster Rescue posted again saying “We’ve got about 11 hours before the P@H marketing team get back to their desks”.


Pets at Home have been known to delete negative comments from the product pages on their own website, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the comments would be disabled or the post removed.


Two days on, the post had received hundreds of comments and over a thousand likes often on the negative comments, when on a normal day a Pets at Home post would typically receive far less. The unusual amount of comments were largely hamster related.


On initial inspection seeing over a thousand likes you would think what a successful launch that was, but when opening the comments and seeing that the likes often refer to the concerns of the public you soon realise that not all is as it seems. Similar activities took place on the Facebook Post.



Treasured Paws Hamster Rescue Second Post


The post is still live and we are pleased that Pets at Home have not tried to suppress the public’s freedom of speech.


Cosmic Hamsters who provides hamster care and advice on her Youtube channel and also provides guidance for our Hamster Adoption Page, has said “It’s been great seeing the hamster/small animal community come together to let Pets at Home know how we feel and whilst some of the comments / responses are on the humorous side, let us not forget the sad reality is that animals suffer everyday because of Pets at Home misinformation, the inhumane/unsafe products and poorly bred animals”.


It seems that it was a Hamster Rescue who got the ball rolling and Cosmic Hamsters commented that “Rescues are often left clearing up the mess that Pets at Home has created”.


We want the public’s opinion to be heard and screenshots are provided below:



Pets at Home Response

Pets at Home Response