We Are Speaking at The Hamster Fair – York University on July 24th

Logo for the Hamster Fair at York University

We have some very exciting news! Mark and Tiffany from Hamster Welfare will be giving a presentation at Hamster Fair UK 2022! This is the UK’s first hamster fair!


Managers of Happy Hamsters UK, the UK’s largest hamster rescue, Kate and Sophie (also known as RainbowFluffers on TikTok) have put together a wonderful day of educational talks, vendors, craft stalls, demonstrations, raffles and much more!


Any profits from Hamster Fair UK 2022 will be donated to Happy Hamsters UK to contribute to vet bills and the ongoing care of their foster hamsters. There will be no live hamsters in attendance at Hamster Fair UK 2022, due to their nocturnal nature and the unnecessary stress that this could cause to the animals.



Hamster Fair UK 2022 Vendors include:

  • Hopes Healthy Treats
  • Happy Henry’s homes
  • Squeak Box UK
  • Tom’s Pet Creations
  • Little Gems Bakery
  • Freddie & Friends
  • Cosy Critters Club
  • Furry Natural
  • Beebo’s by Shelby
  • Kathryn Anne Rowe Illustrations
  • Hey Sew Sisters Sew Shop

There will be talks delivered by Happy Hamsters UK, Hamster Welfare, Small Pet Rodent Awareness Week and a lunchtime Q&A live with RainbowFluffers.



We asked the Event Organisers some Questions:



What made you want to run Hamster Fair UK 2022?


During the pandemic, many people really struggled with being able to source appropriately sized enclosures, wheels, safe bedding, sand and food. Since, many small businesses have shut down under the pressure from lock downs. We decided that we wanted to aim to fill the current gap in the market for a face-to-face event where small businesses specifically could sell appropriate hamster products to hamster owners and lovers. This alleviates the barrier that small businesses face in struggling with promotions, and alleviates the barriers of added delivery costs and uncertainty around true product size and quality faced by customers. We were also keen to bring the community together to hopefully create a more tight-knit atmosphere.



What do you want to achieve?


Our aims for Hamster Fair UK 2022 include promoting ‘proper hamster care’ and doing so in a controlled and safe manner. In-person events encourage open discussions around hamster care and we hope that it will bring people together to discuss, debate and learn something new about hamster care. We also aim to boost the profile of small businesses who sell appropriate hamster items only.



What are you looking forward to the most?


We are looking forward to bringing the community together and taking part in some open discussions regarding hamster care. Oh and spending all our spare money on the vendors of course!


I know there is a big buzz around the community and some people can’t make it.



Do you think there might be more in the future?


Yes, depending on the success of Hamster Fair UK 2022, we will be aiming to host the event once a year in different UK cities. The more people who come along to the first event in York, the more likely we will be able to run it elsewhere in the future.



Is there anything that you want to tell us about the fair?


Hamster Fair UK 2022 is an event open to all members of the hamster community and beyond. Please get your tickets, come along and chat all things hamsters. Be ready to be challenged on your ideas and to get the chance to try new things, including setting up different kinds of enclosures, crafting boredom breakers from cardboard and learn a little about making your own hamster enclosure! There’s something for everyone. Finally, this is an all-inclusive event which is suitable for the whole family. There is on-site free parking and everything is accessible via one level. There will be volunteers on-hand all day to answer any questions you may have or to point you in the right direction!



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To see hamsters available for adoption, donate to the rescue, or see the rescue’s care standards, please visit the Happy Hamsters UK website, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.